Work In Progress

Work in Progress

25 Meter Revolving Restaurant Turntable, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq

ATC's latest revolving restaurant turntable which has an external diameter of 25 meters in Sulaymaniyah Iraq has now hit site ahead of schedule waiting for the client to set an installation date. Our install team is now preparing for ATC's first trip into Iraq and is looking forward to delivering a world class product to the client.

 The priority for revolving restaurants is providing a rotational view for customers without the sense of movement being perceptible. ATC's measure of success is rotating the platform with a glass of water on top of the revolving platform, any slight vibration or perceptible movement will cause ripples on the water. This test is actually a part of the commissioning checks with the customer and requires sign off. Vertical & radial tolerances are very important to the success of the commissioning as the more accurate the platform the smoother the rotation; ATC's manufacturing techniques ensure our tolerances are unmatched by any other product available.

 The project in Northern Iraq within a prestigious five star hotel has been a pleasurable process for ATC and we are proud to contribute to the success of the project.

BMW Showroom, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Our recognition as the provider of some of the world’s best showroom quality turntables lead ATC to be directly approached to complete this prestigious project for four nine-metre turntables and one six-metre turntable. We were asked to design turntables able to be finished with granite flooring and with a carrying capacity of five kPa. After an extensive research and development process, design and testing have now been completed. We are so happy with the results that we have included these products as part of our standard range.

BMW Showroom Abu Dhabi

The Pad, Dubai, UAE

The Pad is being marketed as the most technologically advanced building in the world and ATC has been commissioned to provide 60 revolving rooms to the project. A major marketing feature of the project, each apartment has a revolving floor.  Some apartments feature a revolving floor in the lounge area to maximise the space while others feature a revolving floor in the bedroom to take advantage of the views this building will offer.  The lounge units (turntables with a lounge suite as the load) rotate with preset locations between the television, entertaining area and art feature.

The Pad Dubai