Truck Turntables

Recent Truck Turntable Projects

Coles, Oatley, NSW

Our 10 metre, 30 tonne truck table played a central role in assisting Coles win development approval for its new supermarket in the southern Sydney suburb of Oatley. For the development to be viable, the loading bay needed to be accessed via a neighbourhood street. With the installation of our truck turntable, Coles was able to overcome local council regulations preventing trucks reversing into and out of loading bay. While making the development cost effective, Coles was also able to:

• significantly reduce the size of the loading dock and increase the net lettable area of the retail space by 14 per cent;
• increase profits from the store;
• solve traffic management problems; and
• increase the safety of the site by eliminating the need for trucks to reverse onto the street.

Coles, Cooma, NSW

Truck access to Coles’ $12 million Cooma supermarket was significantly improved with the installation of our truck turntable. Hampered by space restrictions, the Cooma site had an extremely tight loading dock. The installation of the turntable greatly improved truck access to the loading dock and again increased the retail space of the development, which includes a number of specialty stores.

Coles, Asquith

Our latest installation for the Coles Supermarket chain, the Asquith store turntable is helping to increase profits by reducing loading and unloading times. This turntable has been in action since September 2008 and also helps to improve site safety and ensures operations comply with Coles’ strict occupational health and safety requirements.

10 Meter Truck Turntable Coles Asquith


Proving truck access to the basement of a building in the centre of Sydney is never easy. And no site was more difficult than the the Skyvue development at 68 York/413 George Street, which was constructed by Grocon. Access to the technically challenging building’s basement is via a truck hoist. This space saving mechanism, which eliminates the needs for concrete ramps, was complimented by our 10 metre, 30 tonne truck table, which allows trucks to be rotated within a confined space before they return to street level.