Revolving Restaurants

Revolving Restaurants

Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran

At 50 metres, this turntable is the world’s largest revolving restaurant platform. Its size and situation within the world’s fourth tallest tower meant that we were, for the first time, unable to pre-assemble and test the turntable before shipping. Armed with the confidence in our stringent quality systems, design and skilled workmanship, we were able install the turntable without the need to rework any components much to the amazement of all on site. The tolerances and tests again exceeded our clients expectations, ensuring the project was signed off by extremely satisfied customers.

Milad Tower Revolving Restaurant

Mall of the Emirates, Dubai

TGI Fridays’ revolving bar sits on an 11-metre ATC turntable. This fast-tracked project was custom-designed, manufactured, shipped from Australia, installed and commissioned within 12 weeks. It was our first project in the Middle East and considerably exceeded our client’s expectations of delivery time.

Rotating Lava Bar

Sports City Tower, Doha, Qatar

Our ability to win this project against a fiercely contested tendering process was proof of the superiority of ATC’s turntables. We credited our client’s decision to select us in the tendering process by providing the unit ahead of schedule and installed in 10 days without any reworks performed on site. The radial and vertical tolerances of this 24-metre turntable were much tighter than the client expected and its motion was so sooth that ripples could not be detected on the surface of a glass of water placed on the unit during operation - the toughest test of all.