Australian Turntable Company is recognised as a global leader in the design and manufacturer of large-scale industrial and commercial turntables and the company is currently working on export projects in Iran, France and the UK.

Our projects include revolving restaurants and rooms, platforms and stages, loading docks capable of manoeuvring semi-trailers, domestic driveway solutions and automotive showroom turntables.

Key benefits

ATC turntables deliver proven benefits to profits by:

• reducing loading bay space requirements and increasing net lettable areas; 
• reducing loading and unloading times; and
• reducing downtime for employees.

ATC turntables improve workplace safety by eliminating the need for vehicles to reverse into areas where there is pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

ATC turntables are robust and reliable. Rigorously researched, designed and tested, our products operate smoothly in the harshest of environments by the most demanding industries.

ATC turntables have the industry’s lowest space tolerances between the floor plate and deck edge to provide a seamless integration.

ATC designs its turntables with ease of operation and maintenance in mind.

ATC is a flexible and progressive company able to design and install a rotational solution whatever your needs irrespective of your location.

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