Vehicle Turntables

Sought-after and attractive, Australian Turntable Company car and four-wheel-drive turntables are a must-have for residences with steep driveway issues and small access locations.

A cost-effective item, our residential vehicle turntables also have the potential to add significantly to property values while providing a safe solution to residences located on busy roads.

A range of product finishes can be applied to turntables ensuring compatibility with your residence. Made form the highest quality products, our turntables are easy to use and custom installed to meet individual building requirements.

Our organisation works with architects, builders, developers and homeowners to ensure vehicle turntable solutions can be incorporated from new building plans or modifications to existing residences or buildings.

Built to ISO9001:2008 standards, our turntables can be finished to match existing driveways and garage flooring, have remote control as standard options and minimal maintenance requirements.

Australian Turntable Company can also provide car stacking solutions where residences have multiple cars and insufficient garage space.

Australian Turntable Company offers the standard car and 4wd vehicle turntable sizes the 4, 4.5, 4.8 meter diameter single car turntables and 6 and 6.5 meter diameter dual car and 4wd vehicle turntables.

Why Use The Australian Turntable Company?

Quality Assurance: Australian Turntable is accredited to the ISO9001:2008 standard. This ensures the client receives the quality documentation and workmanship standards required to complete a successful project within any country in the world.

Turnkey Package: Australian Turntable Company designs, engineers, manufactures and installs all of our products. ATC provides full support from the initial design phase to the commissioning of the turntable at the end of the project as well as complete after sales service.

Proven Quality: Australian Turntable Company products have the lowest tolerances in the industry due to our utilisation of Solidworks 3D design package and best practice manufacturing techniques. This coupled with only the highest quality components have seen Australian Turntables operate well beyond our clients anticipated life expectancy of the product.

Post Sales Support: Australian Turntable Company is able to offer post sales support and maintenance contracts in all major capitals around Australia. Quality Parts from reputable suppliers available worldwide are used in our turntables to ensure any issues can be quickly rectified.

Ease Of Maintenance: A key component to Australian Turntable success has been the robust and reliable designs that incorporate easily accessed and changed out components. This has ensured that Australian Turntables always exceed the highest expectations.

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Vehicle Turntables


Working with the Australian Turntable Company has been simple and Hassle free. Parking in inner surburbia has never been easier."

- Stephen Redmond, Melbourne


BH Builders / JH Builders

In ground vehicle turntable on a slope. Quality Builders BH Builders solved a difficult access problem with ATC's 4 metre diameter 4 ton capacity Incline Vehicle Turntable.

The Incline turntable uses our custom designed Dual Drive system which provides smooth and realiable operation everytime.