Truck Turntables

The Australian Turntable Company is the industry leader in commercial Truck Turntable Solutions.

Our consultants work with you to provide the most cost-effective commercial vehicle solutions for your business.

Central to our business proposition to clients is the ability of our turntables to provide excellent return on investment. This results from the ability to minimise loading dock space and maximise net lettable areas, while significantly reducing truck loading and unloading times.

The truck turntables also provide business owners with the opportunity to provide a safer workplace by minimising the requirement for trucks to reverse into driveways and loading docks. As well as improving logistical efficiency, the truck turntables allow businesses to elevate safe workplace standards and improve their position as an employer of choice.    

With short payback periods and an ability to make future contributions to profits, our clients have been enjoying the commercial and safety benefits of these traffic management solutions for the past 12 years.

Using the latest 3D software interfacing and laser cutting technology, we can custom design and manufacture a range of truck turntable solutions from small transport up to large trucks.

With an emphasis on maximising net lettable areas, we are able to work with architects, builders, developers and planning authorities to ensure truck turntable solutions can be incorporated into new building plans or retrofitted to existing buildings.

Built using ISO 9001:2008 documentation standards, our turntables can be easily aligned with existing freight docking facilities have full safety system options and require minimal maintenance.

Key Benefits Of Using Australian Truck Turntables


Reduced Dead Space In Your Development: Australian Truck Turntables can help save up to 50% of loading dock space that is normally allocated to truck movements. The dead space can then be reclaimed and used for revenue generating purposes for example additional retail space or further customer parking.

Increased Safety: Australian Truck Turntables allow for forward entry and exit of the loading dock  which significantly increases public safety. By not having trucks reversing or performing difficult low speed manoeuvres in a public space, the risk of damage to the building, property or people are greatly reduced.

Access To More Difficult Sites: Australian Truck Turntables allow developers more access to more difficult traffic access and tight site by not having to allow for full flow through traffic management of delivery trucks.

Reduced Costs: Australian Tuck Turntables can also help reduce construction costs in your development. These can range from reducing construction costs by being able to continue with a standard structural column layouts and not having to utilise costly transfer beams. By designing an Australian Truck Turntable in at design stage loading dock designs can remain within standard parameters or even be reduced in overall size.  

Increased Operational Efficiency: Australian Truck Turntables allow quick and easy entry to the loading dock that allow for quicker loading and unloading times. As Australian Truck Turntables allow bigger trucks into smaller areas the capacity of the loading dock is also increased.  Another added benefit is reduced staff for traffic management and reduced insurance premiums due to less claims for damage to property. 

 Why Use The Australian Turntable Company?


Quality Assurance: Australian Turntable is accredited to the ISO9001:2008 standard. This ensures the client receives the quality documentation and workmanship standards required to complete a successful project within any country in the world.

Turnkey Package:  Australian Turntable Company designs, engineers, manufactures and installs all of our products. ATC provides full support from the initial design phase, commissioning of the turntable at the end of the project right through to complete after sales service. 

Proven Quality: Australian Turntable Company products have the lowest tolerances in the industry due to our utilisation of Solidworks 3D design package and best practice manufacturing techniques. This coupled with only the highest quality components have seen Australian Turntables operate well beyond our clients anticipated life expectancy of the product.

Post Sales Support: Australian Turntable Company is able to offer post sales support and maintenance contracts in all major capitals around Australia. Quality Parts from reputable suppliers available worldwide are used in our turntables to ensure any issues can be quickly rectified.

Ease Of Maintenance: A key component to Australian Turntable success has been the robust and reliable designs that incorporate easily accessed and changed out components. This has ensured that Australian Turntables always exceed the highest expectations.