Mining Turntables

The Australian Turntable Company is now delivering turntable solutions to the Mining Industry globally.

Through our commitment to Quality (ISO Accredited) and Innovation, ATC have achieved a world class reputation for the design, manufacture & installation of high quality mechanical rotating solutions which in turn provide substantial benefits to an operation and process.

Products developed specifically for the Mining Industry include;

    1. turntables stationed at the crusher face with a capacity to cater for up to CAT 797F dump trucks,
    2. Sizer Crusher turntables allowing for a reduction in downtime to approximately 30 minutes,
    3. turntables for tunneling or underground operations and
    4. turntables for use within maintenance facilities.

The key benefits for a mine site that have been independently recognised include;

    1. Increasing material throughput at the crusher,
    2. Reducing dump cycle times,
    3. reducing total cost of dump cycle operation,
    4. safety benefits due to the elimination of reversing,
    5. reducing driver fatigue and stress,
    6. space savings,
    7. fuel savings,
    8. reducing tyre wear & tear,
    9. reduces mechanical pressure,
    10. potential to reduce fleet size,
    11. the ability to weigh and report on the load before and after dumping with a higher degree of accuracy than current onboard systems.


ATC provide full project capabilities from design integration, product and civil installation requirements to post sales support models.

Mining Turntable Secondary Crusher

Mining Turntable on Pier

Mining Turntable Primary Crusher 2