Paul Chapman, Executive Chairman

The capacity of Australian Turntable Company Executive Chairman Paul Chapman to consistently identify opportunities for the application of high-precision rotating solutions has been central to the business's growth in the Australian and international marketplaces. Playing a central role in the foundation of the company, Paul now oversees its strategic direction.

Ben Chapman, Managing Director

As Managing Director of Australian Turntable Company, Ben Chapman is responsible for the day-to-day running of the company. From a young age, Ben has been immersed in every aspect of the business's operations from the manufacturing floor to the boardroom. Since taking the helm of Australian Turntable Company, he has been actively involved in the rapid expansion of the company and central to establishing its reputation for excellence in the delivery, quality and management of projects.

Alex Chapman, Sales Manager

Drawing on skills from a diverse business background, Alex Chapman has significantly grown Australian Turntable Company's project pipeline. He has worked to build the business's reputation as a world leader in the provision of high-precision rotating solutions through a wide application of its technology to a broad range of industry sectors. Alex is responsible for many key client relationships.

Todd Chapman, Director

With a background in mechanical engineering, Todd Chapman plays a key role in the research and development of Australian Turntable products. Todd's analytical expertise sees him providing hands-on management of the manufacturing process of all contracts while developing rotational solutions for an increasingly demanding market.

Annette Chapman, Executive Assistant

Annette plays a vital role in the efficient operation of the business through her provision of support to the executive team. Whether at head office or on overseas trade missions, Annette ensures the smooth operation of all management activities.

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